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At eighteen years old, my choices for college were biochemistry from Davis or UCLA, pre-dentistry from University of the Pacific, civil engineering from Berkeley, or Electrical Engineering from San Jose–obviously, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I opted to enroll in the local community college and then, eventually graduated from Cal Poly with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. Soon after, I had a great time working for Raytheon as an Electromagnetic Interference Engineer with an incredible mentor. But, I had an itch to try something different, so I left in hopes of opening a panadería (mexican bakery) with my mother. When that did not play out, I tried a number of other things including teaching geometry and algebra at my old high school, joining the California Highway Patrol Academy, and engineering work again. I still felt unsatisfied and continued my search for my profession. Luckily, I met Gary Franscioni, who I expressed my interest in winemaking.

He made a call to Ryan Zepaltas and Adam Lee at Siduri, with whom I had a winemaking internship.  After answering a Craigslist post, Fred Brander hired me to be his assistant and I had a chance to see the last fruit from the 2007 harvest roll in.  I have been serving as the winemaker at The Brander Vineyard since 2010. I may have "wasted" a lot of time but the journey has been amazing. I have met and worked with so many great people. Best of all, I found what I love to do and I met my wife Megan Bravo!

Megan and I began working together at The Brander Vineyard and were recently married at the end of 2016.  Together we are continuing our passion for winemaking with our own label, the Bravo Wine Company.

~Fabian Bravo, owner and winemaker for Bravo Wine Company

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