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Goodland Wines are an honest expression of Santa Barbara County - a mixed bag of small and vastly different vineyard areas within a larger grape growing region.  A region that, in the scheme of the greater wine world, is still a baby and is still being explored.  It’s crazy exciting.

Goodland is more of an old idea with ‘Old World’ sensibilities. It is based on the belief that the vineyards make all the difference. When everything clicks - climate, soil, topography, aspect, grape variety, clone, vintage and viticulture - when it all works together… that is when wine is expressive, unique, and special.

The Goodland wines represent our best efforts at making the most sincere expressions we can from a few selected rows of grapes in our lovely part of the world.  Simply put, we are a group of friends who spend their lives around wine - growing up with wine, growing grapes, drinking wine, making wine, thinking about wine.  We put in wine hours - lots of them.

Mostly, we are just trying to make wines that are tasty to us and that represent what we feel is the character of the region expressed through the fruit. Goodland is an idea based firmly in a place.

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, just trying to make honest wines from our backyard.


Ruben Solorzano, Chris Snowden, Dave Potter and Matt Dees

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